Using Nirsoft BluescreenView to troubleshoot and fix bluescreens

BlueScreenView is an utility that can be used to troubleshoot the infamous Blue Screen of Death or BSOD more commonly called. Be aware that by default Windows will restart your computer automatically if a blue screen occurs.

The program analyzes the contents of  the c:\windows\minidump folder which contains dump files created at the time the BSOD occured. These files contain clues regarding the name and location of the driver file that caused the crash. 
Here’s how to use it:

  1. Download BlueScreenView. I usually download and run the zip version but there is also an installer.
  2. Launch the executable and it will automatically detect the minidump folder.
  3. If the dump files don’t appear in the upper pane of BlueScreenView go to the Options menu and select Advanced options. The path to the minidump folder should be located just below Load from the following MiniDump folder . If you want to diagnose another computer copy the minidumps from c:\windows\minidump to a flash drive and select the path to the dump files accordingly. Nirsoft bluescreenview change minidump folder
  4. Select one of the files and you will see some info in the lower pane . You should be able to locate the device driver that is causing the blue screens.  Nirsoft BlueScreenView
  5. You should now download and install an updated driver and check to see if your problem is fixed.
  6. If you analyze several dump files and they point you to different file names then the BSODs are probably caused by a hardware issue such as faulty RAM.
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